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Blue Print of FSAE

Ⅰ、Official name

Full name: Formula SAE of China

 Abbreviation: FSAE


Formula SAE of China (hereinafter referred to as "FSAE") is a new racing competition which is organized by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers of China) and its partner members. FSAE is held on the basis of relevant experience from the United States, Japan, Germany etc.  and combined with Chinese national conditions.
     The college student who’s major is automobile engineering or automobile-related will be able to join in FSAE. FSAE requests each team to follow the FSAE rules and car manufacture standards, to design and fabricate a kind of small, single-seat Formula style racecar, and to bring the car to participate in all or several events of the competition. During the competition, each team will be required to elaborate its design concept. Furthermore, the referees will also need to do some testing to review the racecar performance.
      During this competition, the participants will earn a good opportunity to apply theories into real practice. Meanwhile, they should also learn some knowledge of organization, management, marketing, logistics, transportation and other aspects of knowledge, such as communication skill, team working skill and so on.

Ⅲ:The Significance of FSAE

At present, China's auto industry has already been in great-power status, but still not the strong one. It has been the main target of China’s auto industry to build a major power instead of the auto manufacturing country. So training professional and technical personnel has become one of the bases to realize the target.
      The purposes of FSAE as followed:
      First is to practice and improve students’ designing, manufacturing and running cost control abilities, team communication and collaboration, to enable students to fit business requests of corporations more quickly and to provide a good opportunity for enterprises to choose employee who is more suitable.
     Second, the event will create an academic competition atmosphere for participants, and will also establish an academic exchange platform for the universities, thereby promoting the upgrading of subject construction.
   The aim of FSAE is to improve and test the overall quality of college students, and to save talents for the automobile industry’s rapid and sustainable development. It can also improve cooperation of the productivity, learning and research with a very broad meaning.

Ⅳ:The Organizational Structure

Host: Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China)
      Education Branch of SAE       
      Machinery Industrial Education Association - Vehicle Engineering Sub-Committee 
      Rules Committee Secretariat: Tongji University
      Competition Board Secretariat: Bitauto

Ⅴ:2009-2010 FSAE Race Calendar

       Release the rules and regulations; 
       Team formally registered time.

      Announce the entry list;
      Submit the preliminary design report.
      Submit other reports and the entry books.
       Pre-race preparations.
       Final (Shanghai International Racing Circuit)

Ⅵ:The size of the first competition

1.Limit the total number of 20 teams.
    2.Each team should not be over 20 participants.


Competition Organizing Committee: 
       Xu Tian ( Mr)
       Telephone: +86-10-68492509  13466663651
       Fax: +8610-68492726
       Email: chinafsae@bitauto.com

       Address: 7/F,Century Hotel Office Tower,No.6,Capital Gym's.Road, Haidian
District, Beijing, 100044,P.R.China
       Official Website (
www.chinafsae.org )

FSAE Committee 
            November 23rd, 2009